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Around the World in '80 Ways:

Princeton University Class of 1980              Photo Exhibition and Art Auction,

Princeton University

Post Event Wrap-up

Barbe Miller curated AROUND THE WORLD IN '80 WAYS: CLASS OF 1980 PHOTO EXHIBITION AND ART AUCTION. With these exhibitions, Class of 1980 pioneered a wonderful new experience at the Princeton Reunions with the auction, the bold outdoor alumni photo exhibition and alumni created art. The art auction featured outstanding artists:  Hovey Brock, Sharon Keld, Randy Mamiaro, Marc Safran Robbin Ami Silverberg, and Barbe Miller. Charcoal sketches, handmade paper with photo and text, art photos and paintings were amongst the offerings at the art exhibition and auction. The auction raised $1,300 for the Class of 1980 Community Service Fund, marking the beginning of a good thing which we hope to return to in the future with even more robust plans. Many Classs of 1980 alumni contributed great travel photos for the photo exhibition. The outdoor photo display attracted the attention of students and alumni as they viewed photos of the Class of 1980 working, playing and relaxing around the world.


All who attended the Class of ’80 dinner at the Boathouse on Reunion Friday heard President Christopher Eisgruber’s praise for the Class of 1980 for taking the initiative with its involvement in the arts as the University plans more arts involvement for its students. The exhibitions allowed University leadership, students, alumni and guests the opportunity to see the artistry, variety and craftsmanship of alumni artists and the many faces of the Class of 1980 around the world.

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